Delivery Scooters and E-Bikes


From $9 per day


What is Luminomoto ?

Luminomoto is a bright delivery system designed for the On-Demand Industry.

Fleet Holders Welcome*

Complete Control

Your software should be simple to navigate, and easy to understand.

Empower your business with rich data and actionable insights from your PC or Smart Phone. Delight your customers by keeping them engaged and informed,
store to door. 

Private Mileage

Our management system tracks verified vehicle mileage by driver for simple, accurate reporting. Filter by vehicle, location and driver.

Real-Time Safety

Create a safer driving culture with friendly competition that minimizes dangerous or wasteful driving yet reinforces good behavior.

Beat The Breakdown

Track vehicle maintenance to easily generate alerts for us and you to know when we’ll be there to look after you. 

Big Companies  Luminomoto

What are they saying about Luminomoto ?

Megan Stiller Delivery Courier

Now that I don't have to pay for vehicles, i'm putting that money back into my business and improving the customer experience.

Martin Banks Pizza Delivery

I'm finding time I didn't know I had to save... customers say food quality has increased and that's been good for my bottom line...

Paolo Feliziani Restaurant Owner

The illumination means my business really stands out on the road... now that my staff feel safer, they are more happy running deliveries... 

Why Luminomoto ?

Save Money

Improve Customer Experience

Save Time

Who can Luminomoto

Grocery Delivery

Fast Food & Restaurants

Alcohol Delivery

What you need to Luminomoto

Travel 50-70 miles per day

Valid License (18+)

Smart Phone

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